Investment opportunities

The place you want to live

We invest in locations that connect nature with transport as well as communications and energy infrastructure.

Our focus is residential projects - with the highest quality housing and a long-term sustainable approach to energy and water usage.

Investment preparation

We provide project investment preparation through Atlantis Development, which comprises a team of highly-qualified designers, acquisition managers, architects, engineers, technical and construction supervisors, and power engineers, supported by sales and marketing professionals.

Our dedicated approach leads to the prerequisite financing, as well as sophisticated analysis and risk control. We continually strive to create added project value.

Via Sancta

Via Sancta Vinoř

Via Sancta Vinoř is ideal housing for those who need to live near the center of Prague but want to enjoy peace and quiet without the constant hustle and bustle that is inherently connected with life in the city center or housing complexes.

This residential project combines the tranquility and beauty of nature with the use of modern and environment-friendly technologies: housing with extremely low energy costs thanks to low-consumption technologies, the ever-present greenery surrounding the houses and in the near vicinity, innovative management of surface water that will considerably reduce the consumption of water for the irrigation of outdoor areas, and ingenious underground parking.